Does Blogging Help Educational Leaders?

No question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!

Any time a dedicated educator engages in a conversation, online or otherwise, it is a great help to anyone who reads it. Sometimes we as educators just need to express ourselves and feel that we have a forum for our views. Blogging can largely be this outlet.

I chose to comment on This blog was more appealing to me than some of the others because of the content on the front page……

10 things students want all teachers to know

The link above was really compelling and written in a way that we often don’t consider as we go through our day-to-day rituals in the classroom. We are sometimes so focused on content that we forget to understand that the students interests and needs must be met in order for true learning to take place.


The above video illustrates in a serious way the value of what Justin believes is most important for connecting with students…. taking the time to get to know them.





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