Personal Learning Communities

The term “personal learning community” meant nothing to me before reading Sheninger Chapter 8. I was totally blown away at the story about how Lyn Hilt was able to form her own professional development and educational resource program at the tip of her finger. It is amazing how educators today can simply, with the press of a button, access resources from around the world.

The commitment to lifelong learning is one of the critical components of a great teacher. Teachers can’t merely “tell” their students what they need to know because students observe their teachers and make judgments about their own willingness to learn new skills and information. Great teachers strive to be role models in the truest sense of the word and that starts with a commitment to learning, and in today’s worlds much of the learning for educators could take place in personal learning communities.

In an attempt to try and figure out where to even begin the process of creating my own PLN I found a great site:

The above is a link to an article that details very clearly the steps for creating your own PLN. It was very informative for someone who had never even heard of them until very recently.

I feel that Sheninger summed up the enormous benefit of these communities very clearly with the passage below:

“The power and value of a connected learning model are tough to ignore. Leaders become the epi- center of their learning and determine what, where, and when they want to learn. This makes the learning process meaning- ful, relevant, applicable, and convenient. With these structures in place, the foundation is established to unleash passion, creativity, and a pursuit of innovation to do what we do better”. (Digital Leadership, Sheninger, Chapter 8)
Principals and teachers who create the kinds of networks that Lyn created save themselves time, expose themselves to ideas that can increase the quality of education for their students, and most importantly keep themselves current in the ever-changing world we live in.








One thought on “Personal Learning Communities

  1. It surely is amazing what we educators can do if we utilized the technology all around us. In thinking about all we can do, I also become saddened at the thought of how many of us are NOT utilizing these tools. I am guilty as ever. PLN can serve as an amazing resource to us all.


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