Devon Prep Parent Volunteers 2016-2017

Devon Prep Parents……….. WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!

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Each year we ask our parents to volunteer to staff events that take place throughout the year. The parents who volunteer perform a great service to us and to the boys of Devon Prep. Seeing that all our school events go off as planned is a joint effort between the Parents Association and the Administration and we cannot do it without you!

Our school calendar is attached below and contains all of the events scheduled for the coming school year.


We ask that you look at the calendar above and the attached document below and sign up to volunteer for an event in either September of October. If you are thinking of staffing an event later in the year that is great, just stay in touch with this site as the year progresses and we will be posting coming events weekly.

This is obviously a new method of signing parents up for these duties. Attached below is a link to the plan we created to help us roll out this new initiative. Please feel free to read the plan and comment on the plan, ideas you have, or our school in general on the social media link at the bottom of the page!

Please review the link below for all you need to know about who we are and what we do for our students. Spreading the message about Devon Prep, and becoming an active participant in our school, is part of what you can do to give back to our community.


Engagement Plan


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