Engagement Plan


EDG 646 – Engagement Plan

Mark Aquilante

July 24, 2016


I am going to create a site where parents of Devon Prep students can sign up to volunteer to run/assist with different Parents Association sponsored events during the school year. It is always very difficult for us to track these volunteers and to communicate with them during the year. This will give them the opportunity to sign up in one central location and give the administration the ability to track who is responsible for staffing each event.



  1. To make our parent volunteer sign-up process easier and more interactive.
  2. To create a real-time list of volunteers that can be accurate as emergencies and personal obligations force changes to the event staffing.
  3. To further impress upon our parents the administration’s desire to utilize technology in a far more expansive way as we move forward.



  1. Parents
  2. Teachers and Administrators who rely on knowing which parents are staffing different events.
  3. Office Staff who are often the first line in coordinating events between administration and parents.


Measureable Outcomes

  1. Parents are able to access a document that will accurately, and in real-time reflect the volunteers for each event. This will increase efficiency and communication and decrease frustration for all parties.
  2. More parents will volunteer to help than we have seen in the past.
  3. By only taking sign-ups for events by quarter, we will eliminate the situation where parents register in September to volunteer for an event in May and then forget to show up.
  4. Feedback on the social media feeds will help us increase communication and focus on these important duties.


Logistics for Implementation

The first step for us would be to contact our Parents Association President and alert her to the fact that we were beginning the process of digitizing sign-ups for the PA events. We would need her input as to design, functionality, and logistics of getting the site access to our parents. We would use our technology platforms and a letter from our Headmaster to introduce this new way of volunteering and also impress upon our parents the importance of helping us with these events. Once we communicate the information we post the site and hope to have those who register communicate about it on social media which will help drive other parents to follow suit.


Assessment Criteria

  1. The number of parent volunteers who registered to help in comparison to the same number from a year ago.
  2. The number of parents who actually showed up to help after they signed up as compared to a year ago.
  3. The number of social media hits and number of hits to the page itself. Did the page help us drive traffic to our school calendar (which will be linked).


Reasons for Tech Tool Usage

  1. Picture at top of page – this is a photo of our students at a sporting event looking happy and excited. This could easily be any one of the parent’s sons who we would like to volunteer for these events.
  2. School Calendar – this link exposes parents to information on our website they will need during the year, regardless of whether they sign up to volunteer at our events. This will give them a chance to preview coming events they may want to staff.
  3. Google Document – the link to the sign-up list is critical because that is the central purpose of the plan…… getting parents registered to help and having the list be accurate in real-time.
  4. Video – this video may have been seen by many existing parents but not by all new parents to the school. It tugs at the heart strings for existing parents who have been away all summer and are looking forward to  re-engaging with our school in the fall.
  5. Twitter Feed – the hope is to drive tweets to our site that parents, who may have missed the information on this new platform, may have missed. It will also give us feedback about any questions that may need to be answered.
  6. Picture of Uncle Sam — it was a cool graphic!!!